Hello! Thank you for visiting “Freedom is the Dream!” I’ve created this site as a starting place to help me achieve life altering goals – the first being to gain financial independence and get off all government assistance. This is where I will document my journey as well as share my other dreams and goals. I’ll also describe the challenges I need to overcome in order to achieve my dreams. I hope you will join me in this journey and follow along as I expand this blog. I need all the support, good will and even advice that I can get if I’m going to make this happen. So please, make yourself at home and stay awhile.

Make “Freedom is the Dream” a Nonprofit

At the end of the About page of my site here, I mention that I want to make “Freedom is the Dream” a nonprofit company after I become financially independent. After thinking a lot about it, however, it might be

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Say No to the American Health Care Act

On Monday, January 23, I learned who Edward Roberts is when Google paid tribute to him on what would have been his birthday. I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know of him before, considering he was a pioneer in the

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