A Dream Business With Google

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If I could start a dream business with Google right now, I know exactly what it would be, a Google Store. People who know me can tell you that I’m a big fan of Google. They have great products and services like Android, Chrome, Chromebooks featuring Chrome OS, the Chromecast, their Nexus line, Google Now and many others. They also have great ambitions for future products as well, like self driving cars, contact lenses that can measure glucose levels, Google Glass, and a modular phone that has interchangeable parts so people can buy only the upgrades they need.A Dream Business With Google

Aside from their products, I also really like the people who started and run Google. Co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have great vision for the future and how tech can make people’s lives better. They seem to be very real people who are not all about their big personalities and egos. They have always been more humble than some other famous CEO’s in recent memory, which makes me like the company even more. This initiative is a great example of that.

As good as the products and the people who run Google are, I have noticed a big disconnect between most of Google’s customers and how they use Google’s products. For example, I meet and talk with people all the time who have Android phones. When I ask about them, most people don’t even remember what model they own. As well, they are totally amazed when I show them how to use the features that make their phones smart. Most people don’t even know about Google Now or how to set it up. In addition, there are even more people who don’t use Google’s products because they don’t know how they could benefit from them. Google’s TV ads don’t really do enough to explain anything either. You see, if you really want to be a Google customer, you have to be willing to do some research in order to really learn what they have to offer. Most people aren’t willing to do that however, and few people have a tech enthusiast like myself to show them how to use these great products.

As an answer to these problems, I believe Google could really benefit from having actual brick and mortar stores, similar to the Apple Stores. I would love to be a partner with Google in starting these stores, at least their first one in the US if not more. There are so many people who learn from seeing how things work first hand. I have a lot of great ideas about ways Google could use local stores as both places to sell and teach people how to use Google’s tech. These stores would also be great for the many partners who work with Google. Most of the products that would be sold and demonstrated at these stores would be made by Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, HTC, Asus, HP, Huawei and the others. However, the products would all be official Google partnered products.

So, if somebody at Google reads this, or if any of my readers can get me connected to Google, I would really appreciate it. I know it’s a fanciful dream but it can’t hurt to get the idea out there. I would work hard to bring my ideas to the market and make a brick and mortar Google store work to their advantage. Just give me a shot Google.

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