Plan to Freedom Two – Working as a Volunteer

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Have you ever worked as a volunteer? Though it sounds strange, working as a volunteer might be a good way for me to become financially independent. In my most recent blog post, I talked about how internet marketing could be a solution to accomplish my goal of getting off government assistance. However, that idea has a lot of complications and risk that come with it. That’s why I’ve really been considering working for free as a volunteer.Working as a Volunteer

As an added bonus, this concept of working for nothing would actually be more fun and be more productive than my last idea. The reason? It would involve working more closely with my girlfriend, Kat (I emphasized the word girlfriend because we are not and cannot be married while I’m on government assistance. That would connect us financially, which would cause me to lose the assistance I need as well.).

Now, you’re probably wondering how working for nothing could help me gain financial freedom. I know it sounds counter intuitive but let me explain. It all comes down to teamwork and cooperation. You see, the rules say that I can’t earn any income or own any assets. They can’t prevent somebody else from owning assets though. If I could help another person start a business by working for them as a volunteer, the company could eventually grow big enough that it could afford to pay me the income I require to be financially free from the government. At that point, I could become a business partner, start taking an income and get off government assistance all at the same time. I just have to be sure that we can’t get into trouble for some sort of fraud.

This idea seems more like a legal way around the government’s rules about income and assets more than fraud though. The reason I say this is because the business I would help build would not benefit me financially in any way until I became a partner. There would be no back pay saved up for me. I would not own any part of the business, which means none of the money earned would be mine if it could be sold before I became a partner. That’s the whole point behind the government’s rule of not owning assets in the first place. Many people have worked hard to earn a partnership in a business. Most of them didn’t work for free but that’s a sacrifice I have to make in order for my dream to happen .

If Kat were to start a business that we help build together, she would gain financially far before I would. We would be working on projects she has an interest in too, so we’d be helping each other achieve our dreams. Anybody else we work with would be a part of that as well. This would be a team endeavor that I hope will empower and help many people in the years to come.

Do you want to be a part of this effort? Do you think this would be a good idea for accomplishing my dream of freedom? I’m looking for legal and financial advice so we make sure we are staying within the limits of the law. Are there any lawyers and/or accountants out there who would want to help as we set this up? I’m open to any and all constructive advice so I want to hear from you, my readers.

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